Peg City Groove

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Peg City Groove is the local Winnipeg music scene. Our mission is to give local musicians a platform to promote their band, their gig, their albums; their way. Over the last year Peg City has featured dozens of bands and artists, countless interviews and free promo for upcoming local shows. We continue to do what […]

99 Balloons

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Music with a message. Sounds of rebellion, protest, expression, activism and more. Mostly loud and fast punk, hardcore, metal, thrash, speed, alternative, electro-metal, etcetera, interspersed with the occasionally insightful and comical banter of host Rube Smith and guests. Each show will feature selections focusing on weekly themes such as death, war, aliens, addiction, poverty, predation, […]

25 Floor Juke Joint

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25th Floor Juke Joint… Merrium-Webster’s Dictionary of Rock ‘n’ Roll defines… ‘Juke Joint’: Noun /dʒuːk dʒɔɪnt/. – old Southern Mississippi Americana. 1. A local place where good times and good music are experienced, often in conjunction with libidinous spirits and behaviour, with much dancing and boisterous singalongs! See also ‘Devil’s Joint’…. See More Here     […]

Island Vibes

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  Soca, reggae, dance-hall, calypso, rapso and chutney music from The Islands. Plus local Caribbean events, guest DJ’s and other music industry info from the Caribbean. A powerful Musical Force for well over 15 years. Based out of Winnipeg, Canada. The immense versatility and repertoire of D.J. Vibesman keeps him at the pinnacle of this […]