The Podcast SUMMER school 2022:happening right now

The Podcast School brought to you by the NCRA/ANREC brings together over many years of podcasting experience from our team of Podcast Presenters.

We draw expertise from the community broadcast sector to find you presenters who have broadcast experience and a background in training. 

We are confident that our curated 10 course semester will give podcasters of all experience levels great value from the information provided. 

Below you can see the bio from all of our presenters, and the timeline and descriptions of the sessions being presented.   


  • Jess Schmidt



Defining the aim of your podcast / Making a trailer
Presenter: Pamela Haasen

June 16th

What’s your story? Researching and script-writing your podcast
Presenter: Aniruddho Chokroborty-Hoque

What kind of podcast can you make for your listeners? In this session, we’ll learn about the possibilities of the medium and give you questions to answer for your own show idea. We’ll introduce concepts like picking a show schedule and format, finding basic equipment and software, remote recording, and picking music.

June 28th

Monetizing Your Podcast
Presenter: Pamela Haasen

In this lesson Pam will discuss the challenges of copyright, as well as exploring the many different ways that podcasters could potentially raise funds in podcasting. This speaks to typical monetization, as well as more creative ideas that have had some success in the c/c sector.

July 7th

Ethics in storytelling
and why it matters
Presenter: Hina Imam

This session will begin with fundamental media concepts, touch upon problematic framing, and dive deep into contemporary examples from Canadian media, as well as, highlight objectivity and its limitations. 

Students will also discuss ethics scenarios drawing from the class material.

June 9th

So You’re Making A Podcast On A Budget: Audio Production Tips
Presenter: Max Collins

In this course, the instructor will take you through the essentials needed to start a podcast (equipment, DAW software, music/SFX libraries, streaming platforms). You will learn the least expensive way to make a DIY podcast, and you’ll get a few tips on how to get the best bang for your buck if you want to splurge on a new recording kit or theme song for your series. This course also lightly covers Creative Commons licenses.

June 21st

an Energetic Narrative
Presenter: Anthony Sanna

A narrative style podcast is a different format to many podcasters.

In this course, participants learn: How to share their voice with authenticity within a narrative-driven podcast. How to structure their podcast in a way that is compelling to listeners and how to host and drive the story forward in a non-linear manner.

June 30th

Audio puzzle: putting your pieces together
Presenter: Pamela Haasen

Audio puzzle is a formulaic way to put your audio pieces together. It’s the how and why of whose voice to use, when to do your narration, how to script yourself, where to find music, how to trim the fat and how to listen critically to your own work. For new to intermediate podcasters.

Students will create their own system for narrative podcasting during the lesson. I’ll share the way in which I use multiple voices to tell a story as well as include excellent examples from professionals who podcast.

July 12th

The future of Podcasting and Radio
Presenter: Barry Rooke

This session will touch on the future for podcasting and radio. Will also touch on any unanswered questions asked throughout the Podcast School and any closing thoughts and discussions.

June 14th

Defining the aim of your podcast / Making a trailer
Presenter: Pamela Haasen

This session outlines exercises for a podcaster of ANY level to create the reason for your podcast. How to make a trailer is simply the how, why, what, and who of a teaser/trailer for your podcast.

Students will use this as a work session, I will give time to reflect and write while we’re doing the lesson and use the last 10 mins for questions, feedback or examples.

June 23rd

Promoting Your Podcast on Social Media
Presenter: Aniruddho Chokroborty-Hoque

You have created your podcast episode – it has stellar audio, a tight script that tells a wonderful story. But how do you get people to listen to it? How do you attract audiences and maintain those numbers? Do you need a website? What’s the best social media platform – Twitter? Instagram? Do you release on iTunes? Spotify? Do you need fancy visuals, a clever tweet, a massive social media presence for people to listen to your show? What works? What doesn’t? Is less more or should you be going all out in marketing? This class will tell you how to create your marketing strategies, what tactics to deploy, how to measure your marketing efforts, and how to create and leverage your web presence and social media to get audiences.

July 5th

Accessibility in Podcasting – Why Transcripts Matte
Presenter: Jess Schmidt

This session will touch on the importance of transcripts, and how to get the best bang for your buck in generating them. We’ll also discuss why it’s a creator’s responsibility to make sure that their work is as widely available as possible, and look at some options and proof cases of why transcripts aren’t just the right thing to do – they’re also an awesome marketing tool that are as important to your show’s packaging as your cover art, publishing copy, and all the other assets that help make your show unique.